My running blog consists of all things running, from jogs around the park, 5k to full marathons. Cycling and Triathlons.

I’ve been trained to keep going even when it’s hard. When it hurts. When it sucks. When I don’t want to. I look pass it. Relentless forward progress to the finish. Call it what you want; stubbornness, endurance, determination, guts. Deep down, I don’t know how to give up. I am determined to push myself above and beyond to see how far I can go. And it’s always worth it in the end!

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Lliswerry 8

A quick introduction into the Lliswerry 8. Hundreds of runners took part in this popular eight-mile road race yesterday as the popular race returned for its 34th year. The ‘Lliswerry 8’ has grown in scale and popularity, attracting professional and newbie runners alike. With 782 runners setting off from Lliswerry High School on a route … Continue reading Lliswerry 8

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